Fund a rewarding career as a health care aide in Alberta with up to $9,000 of bursary funds available.

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Fund a rewarding career as a health care aide in Alberta with up to $9,000 of bursary funds available. - Hero Banner Image

Health care aides are important and respected members on the frontlines of Alberta’s healthcare system. They also play a critical role in helping Albertans receive quality, person-centered care.

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Alberta Health, in partnership with Alberta Health Services, has launched a health care aide tuition bursary program to assist individuals starting their health care aide careers. $12.8 million dollars of bursary funds are available for current HCA students, HCA graduates and employers who meet the eligibility criteria. This initiative also aims to align identified Continuing Care (CC) operators with health care aide graduates to address the current workforce needs in continuing care operators across the province.

Alberta Health has also partnered with NorQuest College. NorQuest College is the government appointed grant administrator, whose role is to create the application portal, review and approve applications, and advance bursary funds. Health care aide graduates or current health care aide students from any post-secondary institution that offers the Alberta licensed health care aide program, can apply for the health care aide bursary. Students do not need to be NorQuest students to apply and receive funds nor do they get preference. 

Important Updates!

Note: The bursary opportunity is open to Canadian permanent residents and citizens, only. Funding is open on a first-come, first-served basis for eligible applicants. Funds are available until they have been exhausted.

If you are receiving any other funding or sponsorship to attend an Alberta licensed HCA program (Federal or Provincial), this must be disclosed to You may still be eligible for funding, however amounts may vary.

Students completing the HCA ELL (English Language Learner) program are not eligible for the HCA Bursary.

May 2024:
Due to the high volume of submitted applications in the last few weeks, funds have been exhausted for the HCA Tuition Bursary Program (HCATBP). Applications for HCATBP will no longer be accepted after May 7, 2024. Interested individuals may still be able to apply through the HCA Bursary application portal, however these applications for the HCATBP bursary will be declined.

December 2023:
The Financial Incentive Program (FIP) bursary will cease accepting applications effective December 31, 2023. If you wish to complete your application and potentially receive bursary funding, you will need to submit a completed* application prior to this date. *(Completed application means that all information and documents provided are correct as per the bursary requirements).

Effective March 2023:

  • The bursary opportunity is open to applicants who are employed on a full-time, part-time or casual employment basis.
  • If you are planning to work for an agency that is a First Nation and/or Métis settlement Continuing Care facility or Home Care Agency, please email as soon as possible for further instructions.

Which bursary should you apply for?

Employers, hire health care aide tutors in your workplace

A portion of the bursary funds for health care aide education is allocated to support the Workplace Tutor Program. This program delivers the health care aide certificate program for an operator for health care aides hired without any formal health care aide education. The Workplace Tutor Program funds eligible operators to hire tutors for individuals in the health care aide workplace program.

Apply to the Workplace Tutor Program.

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