Health Care Aide Workplace Program Bursary

Students enrolled in a health care aide Workplace program are also eligible for the tuition bursary (HCATBP Workplace). The goal of the bursary is to increase the number of students enrolled in a licensed health care aide program and the number of health care aides working in Alberta continuing care operators, post-graduation, and health care aide certification.

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The Tuition Bursary Program - Workplace (HCATBP Workplace) will cease accepting applications effective August 31, 2024. If you wish to complete your application and potentially receive bursary funding, you will need to submit a completed* application prior to this date.
*(Completed application means that all information and documents provided are correct as per the bursary requirements).

The following incentives for the Health Care Aide Workplace Program Bursary will be available during the term:

  • $3,200 – on approval of Eligible Student's Health Care Aide Tuition Bursary application form by NorQuest College and applicant signing a return of service agreement.

  • You are enrolled in an Alberta licensed health care aide workplace program that began on or after July 1, 2022.
  • Current licensed HCA workplace programs are available at:
  • You are hired as a health care aide by an identified continuing care operator that is contracted by an Alberta Health Care Aide Program to deliver a health care aide workplace program.
  • You have submitted a Health Care Aide Tuition Bursary Program application form along with the supporting documents.
  • You are willing and able to sign a return of service agreement with NorQuest College.

Note: If you are being sponsored by your agency or another source, you may still be eligible to receive a portion of the HCA Workplace Program Bursary. Additional questions and verification may be required.

If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, please contact

What to expect
  • You are required to complete the health care aide workplace program within one calendar year.
  • You are required to work a minimum of 1000 hours as a health care aide with an identified continuing care operator within one calendar year from graduation date + two months.
  • You may shift employment to a different identified continuing care operator if required.
  • You must report employment status and hours worked at an identified continuing care operator to NorQuest College.
  • If return of service agreement requirements are not met, you are required to repay your health care aide Health Care Aide Tuition Bursary Program amount.
  • T4A slips will be mailed out end of February for applicants who have received funds.

Note: Repayment of the pro-rated bursary amount received will be expected to NorQuest College in a 30-day period.

The Return of Service agreement is an agreement between the bursary applicant and grant administrator (NorQuest College) which outlines the requirements that need to be completed by the applicant in order to receive the bursary funds. The agreement is in place to ensure the purpose of advancing bursary funds (increasing the amount of certified health care aides across Alberta) is achieved. Bursary recipients are to find their own employment when they graduate with any employers on the identified continuing care operator.

How to apply

For detailed steps on how to apply, download the how to apply instructions document.

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